HEXGAMING Affiliate Program

To customize your victory, HEXGAMING Esports controllers are there to give you the performance edge you needed to win. And now that you want to share your opinion with your community, please check the program below. We are always looking for gamers to be part of the HEXGAMING Team.

HEXGAMING Affiliate Program
Earn commission on all referred sales to achieve a win-win situation by joining our Affiliate Program! We provide a 5% discount code for your follower and a 5% commission in every order with the coupon used. You can apply to register an affiliate program account and set up the discount code here for your audiences: https://hexgaming.goaffpro.com/

For more information about HexGaming Affiliate Program, please feel free to contact affiliate@hexgaming.com.

HEXGAMING Sponsorship Application

Furthermore, if you would like to review our product and share it on social media, please complete the form HERE or send us an email: sns@hexgaming.com.

Once you meet the requirement for sponsorship, our staff will contact you in response. Regardless, if you're interested in getting a discount code for your followers, you can apply to join our affiliate program.