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1.To set up your EDGE controller first turn on your gaming console.
then sync controller to console.
2.Enter the remap setting mode & Exit the setting mode.
Press the combination buttons for 5 seconds, the blue light will be
ON/OFF and Enter/Exit the setting mode.
3.Once in setting mode, hold the button you wish to map to rear
button (available mapping options include: Triangle, Square, Circle,
Cross, R3, L3, D-pad: up, down, left, right, R1, R2, L1, L2)
4.Hold the rear button you wish to be mapped at the same time.
The blue LED indicator will blink for 3 times. Exit the setting mode to
activate the settings. (Re-do the process with the same buttons in
setting mode will cancel the setting,the LED will flash in red for 3 times)
5.Repeat for the remaining rear button if desired
6.Cancel all rear button has been set.
Press and hold the combination buttons for 3 seconds, the blue light will
turn red flashing for 3 times then blue light indicated and stay on. The
rear buttons are cancelled successfully.