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Improving Your Aim in Fortnite


We've started with the basics, now let's tackle how to improve our aim in Fortnite. Nothing improves your aim in any game, but especially in Fortnite, like having the right thumbnails. They all have different hand sizes, thumb lengths, and options. That's why HexGaming's thumbs are interchangeable: to suit your unique comfort level and play style preferences.


Learn how to improve your aim in Fortnite with the right controller and settings

As with all games, your performance will only be as good as the hardware you use. The same goes for your Fortnite goals. Getting the right HexGaming controller for your style is the fastest way to improve your goals as a gamer. With a little practice and practice, you can fire your shots much more consistently.

Now you might be wondering a bit: isn't it cheating by using a better controller? Not at all. It's like buying basketball shoes in the right size. You wouldn't say an NBA player who buys custom shoes is cheating. It's the same with controllers, they should match your physical needs and playstyle. Plus, those controls are accessible to everyone. It is therefore a valid argument that not having the right manager puts you at a disadvantage compared to someone who plays with him! Not to mention that mouse and keyboard users already have an advantage over you.

So consider controllers like the ones from HexGaming to improve your skills. If you're a novice player trying to learn how to aim better in Fortnite Battle Royale, Pro Controls can be a big help. That aside, here's how to better target Fortnite with the Admin Update.


It all comes down to sensitivity.

Do you want to learn how to improve your aim in Fortnite quickly? Begin with your level of sensitivity. This is the setting that has the most impact on your goal. You'll be able to aim more accurately at your target or swivel rapidly to respond to threats if you have the right sensitivity. As a result, before starting any game, go to the settings screen and adjust your sensitivity.

There is no "one size fits all" sensitivity option, unfortunately (or luckily, depending on how you look at it). It all depends on your personal preferences and the game you're playing. Most professionals have traditionally preferred lesser sensitivity. This allows for considerably faster and more accurate aiming. However, you must forego rapid 180-degree turns, putting you at a significant disadvantage when driving.

Are you not hitting your targets fast enough? Try bumping up the sensitivity slightly, then run it with for a few games or so. Observe your performance and adjust as necessary. While it might take time to find the best sensitivity for you, the drastic improvement in your performance will make the effort well worth it. Just remember to give each sensitivity tweak enough playtime for the best feedback.

One more important point: once you’ve found your sensitivity sweet spot, stick to it no matter which game you’re playing. This gives you the consistency needed to build muscle memory. That way, you get to practice your Fortnite aim even when playing other games!

Are you failing to meet your deadlines? Increase the sensitivity somewhat, then play for a few games with it. Keep an eye on your performance and make required adjustments. While determining the ideal sensitivity for you may take some time, the dramatic gain in your performance will make the work worthwhile. Just make sure to give each sensitivity adjustment ample time to get the best results.

One more point: after you've discovered your sensitivity sweet spot, stick to it regardless of which game you're playing. This provides the consistency required to develop muscle memory. You may practice your Fortnite aim while playing other games this way!


Choosing the appropriate thumbsticks

The ability to replace the thumbstick is one of the most major advantages of using pro controllers. If you're having trouble figuring out how to improve your Fortnite shooting, this is a solid pro alternative to try. HexGaming controllers, for example, let you customize the shape (domed or concave) and length of the thumbsticks to fit your preferences. Taller, domed thumbsticks allow for more precise movements, making them more suited for long-range accuracy. Shorter, concave thumbsticks, on the other hand, are better for close-quarter combat confrontations that need quick movement and shooting.

The shape and length of your thumbsticks can have a significant impact on your aim, so try them all out and see which one you prefer. You should also alter your sensitivity in tandem to discover the ideal combination for best results. The thumbsticks' texture is also important. A firm grip holds your thumb in place during fierce gunfights, preventing accidental slippage.


Back buttons can assist you in improving your aim.

Some pro controllers, like as HexGaming's, have back buttons on the back that can be mapped to any action. As a result, you can accomplish things considerably more quickly with your free fingers. The biggest benefit of back buttons is that they eliminate the need to remove your thumb from the right thumbstick.

Because both operations are performed with your right thumb, it's practically difficult to crouch and aim at the same time. With back buttons, though, you may map front-button actions (like X and O on the PS4) to the back buttons, allowing you to keep your right thumb aiming at all times.


Input lag is reduced using wired controllers.

Switching to a wired controller can sometimes be the simplest way to enhance your Fortnite aim. Wireless controllers can be beneficial for more comfortable gameplay, however, they do bring some lag. This causes a delay between pressing a button and seeing your actions on-screen. This difference might easily throw your aim off.

Stick with a wired controller for the greatest results because it ensures the shortest input lag. It's one of the most basic targeting techniques you'll find (for Fortnite or elsewhere), yet it can have a big impact.


Determine your playstyle.

Are you the type to fly into a hotspot and attack with all guns blazing? Or are you someone who like to devise a plan and take their time getting to the top?

Whatever your favorite style is, it plays an important role in determining which thumbsticks are suitable for you.


Understanding the Shape and Length of Thumbsticks

Concave thumbsticks are designed to provide you better control over your movements.
Thumbsticks with a domed tip are more accurate.
Short thumbsticks are meant to allow for faster movement.
Tall thumbsticks are designed to give you more angles to experiment with and allow you to shoot more precisely.

Choose Your Thumbsticks

We advocate a short concave thumbstick on the left and a short domed thumbstick on the right for aggressive players like shotgun players. You'll be quick on your feet and ready to shoot.

We advocate a short concave thumbstick on the left and a large domed thumbstick on the right for defensive players like snipers. You can still move swiftly while also being the most precise with your aim.

Try out different thumbstick kinds and combinations to find the ones that best suit your playstyle, or switch it up when you're feeling adventurous.



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